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Skew Defined Misaligned or Crooked Image on Copies and Prints

HomeWork CARDS REQUIRE A (Picture-It style) FILE UPLOAD

Skewing of the image is caused by either feed problems (the paper is feeding crooked)
or imaging problems (one or more of the imaging elements is misaligned).

A small amount of skew is normal and might become obvious when using preprinted forms

Here’s what to do if you find crooked or skewed images on copies and prints.

Open your printer and check if there is paper or any traces of debris inside.
Avoid using paper that is not within the specification for the printer.
The paper tray settings must be properly configured in the right paper size or type.
Check if the paper tray guides are against the edges of the paper loaded into the paper tray.
Standard paper sizes are accommodated on paper trays.
Load non-standard paper size in the bypass tray
Make sure the level of moisture content of the paper is not too low or too high.
Avoid loading paper in the paper tray above the maximum fill line.
Try flipping and fanning the paper over in the tray.


Check the paper pick rollers for each tray.
Clean off the rollers with a dry cloth and try printing again.
If cleaning the feed rollers does not correct the issue, see if the feed rollers are worn or dirty.
If they are, replace the rollers.